Friday, October 22, 2010

October News

So so much has been happening..........

so my silence is absolutely unjustified. I just have no time and when I do have the time, I feel so shite/tired/crap that I don't write anymore.

Had a few really good reads these few months. Must update on that. What will I do without my books- I will hollow and empty out, especially when life constantly straggles.

Sprong and Wispy have been good and well except for the bouts of flu/running nose/fever etc that kids tend to perpetually be having. My source of great joy and greatest exhaution.

I dream everyday of running away for a fabulous holiday all by myself, deep blue sea, pina colada and great book in hand but know that the minute I reach there, I will miss them like crazy. I just can't win. So it must be.

Work? Downhill all the way really. Moving soon I hope, not sure if it's a good thing in terms of timing though.

Fat quotinent? Way, way too high. Some guy wanted a donation at the concourse of The Weld and asked if I was pregnant. Of course I didn't donate but also know that he was trying to be all pally wally and said it as it was. I need to eliminate this rolls but with no exercise, how? And please don't tell me to find time to exercise. I work from 9-7 (most of the time inc lunch) and have 2 hours tops when I come back with the kids. Where got time?

I am miserable.