Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Wispy Boo!

25 Feb 2011

Wispy Boo!

My beautiful baby. You are 1 and mommy is amazed. How did you grow up so quickly? Where is the new baby smell that wafted and wrapped my senses with such a sense of glowing comfort and made me feel that I was holding a sunbeam at all times?

You are now a whirl of a crawler, sprinting all around the house on your knees. Soon, you will be walking away and entering toddlerhood. I am wistful that my baby is no more.

Watching you this past year has been a joy laden one, my heart swelling with many twirly loops. Watching you rolling over, clapping, waving, crawling. Sometimes, you are so yummy, I have to resist the urge to bite you harder. Totally edible package that loves to slobber mommy with lots of wet kissies.

Happy baby! I love your wavy hair, your sparkly eyes, your deep, grunty, gurgly laugh. And I absolutely love how you are sweet and bright every morning, almost impatient to spread your love on a brand new day.

I notice that everyone loves to groom you. You are such a doll . But there is also a wilful streak that stands up to your bullying brother .

I read somewhere that parenthood grows your capacity to hold much joy. There is a way that parenthood grows your capacity to hold so much more than you ever thought you could. My capacity to hold chaos, fear, joy and uncertainty is so much bigger and deeper than ever and at every step,

With your easy going nature and cool dude ways, you will take life easy because you just embrace everything with equanimity. You are a giver – of love, kindness and joy.

This magical boy held by something divine, somehow sent to me.

Words at 1 year :
ba for ball
baba for everything else
papa – recent addition