Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You, Me and Tomato Chutney

Why this tomato livery?
a glance, a smile, a blush
and butterflies doing somersaults
add a dash
of adrenaline rush,
season with chemistry masala,
and there- tomato chutney for you.

Ah, Valentines day! A surge of superficial hallmark expressions, shops decked in tacky plastic
hearts and florists laughing their way to the bank.

Nevertheless, I know of a new couple and want to dedicate this post to my sister G and her Mr. R. The early throes of love with all its hourly phone calls, beating hearts, door slamming rows, dancing the night away and hot, opalescent tears in succession. Enjoy your days, it is something to remember after a few years of bed hair, duvet farts and love handles.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Christmas Card day

There's a romance about a snow-clad day like today. A carpet of fresh snow greets my morning. A sudden hush envelopes the world. There's not a stir on the road outside, not even an intrepid squirrel. The reverential silence fills my heart with an inexplicable gladness.

The garden is a layer of white icing. Benevolent cotton clouds glisten on the shrubs. The old shed at the corner sits revived with a fresh white canopy. I saunter around, admiring the Christmas-card effect.

M and I use the transport chaos to work from home. At about 11ish, we get into a snow fight while making an out-of-shape snowman.

Then, I hear the laughter of children. A car or two zooms by.

It's one of those God's in His heaven, all's right with the world day.