Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You, Me and Tomato Chutney

Why this tomato livery?
a glance, a smile, a blush
and butterflies doing somersaults
add a dash
of adrenaline rush,
season with chemistry masala,
and there- tomato chutney for you.

Ah, Valentines day! A surge of superficial hallmark expressions, shops decked in tacky plastic
hearts and florists laughing their way to the bank.

Nevertheless, I know of a new couple and want to dedicate this post to my sister G and her Mr. R. The early throes of love with all its hourly phone calls, beating hearts, door slamming rows, dancing the night away and hot, opalescent tears in succession. Enjoy your days, it is something to remember after a few years of bed hair, duvet farts and love handles.


demonsinme said...

(a gift from the demon to be made as a gift to your loved ones)

In my lonely heart,
hate plays a great part,
it wills the my action from the start,
it herd me words with such grand art,
it is the very thing that bounds our two hearts.

I hate the moments when you are not in sight,
coz it is the time that I could not see your plight,
and I can't remedy the things that bring you fright,

I hate the days that my might seeps by,
and when I can't stop your sad cry,
making your smile dry,
making me feel worst than having to die.

I hate the months when draught come to visit,
coz it would hinder my rose seeds,
making me dread the times we meet,
as I have no flower to place on your lovely feet,
and be shied from your smile so sweet.

But, the greatest that I hate,
is the day that you saw me not even as a mate,
and my love has become your hate,
as it is the most dreadfull of my fate.

may said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Jane Sunshine dearie!

Awang Goneng said...

jane & M - a belated valentine wish
to you and M i lavish
a belated valentine wish!

Jane Sunshine said...

Demonsinme: Another nice one, though a bit disheartening. Hopefully, you do find your loved one.

May: To you too sweetheart.

AG: Thank you so much and to the both of you as well. Everyday should be Valentine's Day but the difference is that on Feb 14, M buys flowers!

sinusoidally said...

I miss those early romace days...

Happy Valentine's day one day late.

zewt said...

if you're a chinese... happy chinese new year...

30in2005 said...

Yes, I remember the early days of new found love and they are pretty darn magical!

As for duvet farts, bed hair and love handles, it the cticking by each other with those that confirm all that heart beating and phone bills were worth it....

Anonymous said...

duvet farts, ha ha farney
how abt car farts when the windows are all rolled up and heater on high? yucky he he


Blabarella said...

Tag, you're "it"! Go here:

Yoo hoo, I've tagged you! :)

Go here:

Blabarella said...

I seem to be suffering from hiccups.

demonsinme said...

Melady Jane:

Oppps...I tagged you

Jane Sunshine said...

Sines: Happy Valentines many days late!!!

Zewt: SOrry took so long for reply, thanks for greetings. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Malaysian celebrate everything okay?

30in2005:Couldnt agree with you more.

Atenah: Ha ha

Blabs and Demonsinme: Am on it on my next post.