Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers. It's flip flop weather soon. Please, please god of new seasons, put some spring on my weary step.

I can't wait to shed the jackets and cardis for flimsier clothing. But my biggest horror *gasp* *gasp* is that skinny jeans are back in fashion this season. Why can't anybody see that no one looks good in this except for Kate Moss? This is worst than the hideous carrot-cuts of yore. I will be sticking to my boot cuts, thank you very much.

Signed, Jane aka thunder thighs and fat-ass.


may said...

Spring is here!
*throws flower petals in the air*

forget about those skinny jeans, who cares if they're in fashion? I'd much prefer comfy wide ones anytime. as long as you look good, baby!

Jane Sunshine said...

May and Jo: No darlings, I am not planning to wear those skinny jeans at all due to very telling reasons. And thanks May for the shower of flower petals.

Anonymous said...

yeah, who cares? I like my boot cut just fine too. All the chopstick kate mosses in the world can wear all the skinny jeans they want. Nuh-uh, not me. Not this mama.

Sunrayz said...

Ditto!! :)
Hoping to lose some weight by the time I get back though....

thewailer said...

I like this blog's theme and write ups...wonderful :)

Blabarella said...

Thunder thighs and fat asses we may have (can you believe that I weigh the SAME as MrD now??!!), but we can STILL carry our clothes off (frumpy as they are) with class and style if we wanna!!! And we WANNA!!! Okeh??!! :)

Waiting for your email soon!!

Ely said...

hey jane! such sweet looking blog u have!

boot cuts are the most comfortable jeans for the non kate moss people like us. if u have tried flare cut and slightly low rise, it would compliment ur figure too.i have thunder thighs and humungous ass too, but try this..u might like it.

in the meantime, its been raining mercilessly in San Francisco. the dresses and skirts have to wait.

Jane Sunshine said...

Marsha: Yeah, that's the spirit.

Sunrayz: Me too. But that seems to be most difficult thing to achieve. Sigh.

Wailer: How kind of you. Thank you. Am chuffed now.

Blabs: Yeah babes, all in the mind. About weighing the same as Mr.D, I think M and I are also inching there. I should have looked for a fat man for meself-would have made me feel thinner. Oh, and one email coming your way soon.

Ely: Thanks for the tip Ely. Will look for slightly low rise. Never ventured there before. And hopefully the sun starts becoming more regular in your part of the windy city.

Anonymous said...

Jane, you will look nice in dresses and skirts! You're skinnier than me even.

So next time we meet you would be in nice flowery dresslah kan?


Jane Sunshine said...

Dear PossibleTerrorist of mine: For being so nice to me, I will buy you dinner soon. Though it does mean that you are erhmm being polite about me-self being thin. Will be sending an email to your roomate in a day or two (i am so bad with emails).

Anonymous said...

dear Jane that looks like my sister,

sometimes I think I say the wrong things ha ha, but I don't mean you as skinny skinny but skinny as in you can go in dress and skirts and am the one with the bigger bum.

next time we compare our bums and don't worry, I won't terrorise you for it :P.