Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Down the murukku trail

Caution: Rant and parenthesis galore

Gallivanting around KL down the murukku trail is a long story.

See, before I left, there were earnest requests for murukku/mixture whatchamacalit. A particular real life Celebrity Blogger (CB) told me about the best place in KL to get this stuff and deciding to be very smart about time management (considering that I had so little of it left), we agreed to meet at the location for lunch. So, we can buy the murukku as well-lah. The problem with going out with a CB is that they get accosted by people of all walks of life even at lunch. The biggest shock was when the restaurant manager came up to welcome CB and informed CB that a particular big honcho was to lunch there soon, pointing furtively at a table marked as 'reserved'. CB gave me and restaurant manager equal measures of alarmed looks. 'If we stay here Jane, we will end up eating with big honcho', she said, becoming increasingly agitated. I began envisioning all the tears of boredom that would be shed over such an encounter. How to have a proper chitter chatter like that?

RUNNNNNNNNNNNN...we grabbed our bags and literally ran, the staccato bursts of our shoes leaving a hurried trail down the muted ambience. We moved on to a quieter place for plenty of natter and what we both realized was a meeting of true kindred spirits (awww...). It was only about half an hour later, when we had well and truly left the place that I realised that I had entirely forgotten all about the murukku. Duh.

So, the next day, I get my sister to take a day off from work (it's not everyday that I, big sis, am in town, okay). I needed to buy a few things in Mid Valley after all. I ended up with 5 pairs of shoes, one plate of char kweh teow at Little Penang Cafe (RM10 or so a plate, shocking, shocking. How come everything in KL is so expensive these days? I just can't believe that I paid so much for a plate of noodles. And worst, roti canai is more expensive now because of petrol prices? What next? ooo I digress), a few books from MPH, new charger for camera and a hair wash (How I miss having my wash&blow at the salon. The one that comes with those divine head/shoulder massages as well. Hmmmmm. Once upon a time when I lived in KL, I never washed my hair myself. I just washed it at the salon near the office during lunch time. Seems like another life away : oh KL, land of great hair washes and domestic help).

Only to realize after coming home that I had completely forgotten the murukku again!

So, the day before I was flying, amidst all the flurry of last minute buying (including the ikan bilis to be stashed in between my books. I swear its only because the ikan bilis here is such an assault to the Malaysian version, limp, flaky and tasteless, that I am resorting to smuggling guises.) I managed to grab some of those murukkus at Lotus Jln Gasing. Finally. Harumppph.

That apart, KL this time was really about work which went rather well (including a job offer from across the causeway...what is that saying about how things always happen when you are not looking? But still, feels good to be wanted by somebody. And that the work that I have been obsessing about does have some kind of worth. And immersed in lovely camaraderie with the others who are obsessing about it as well).

Its not been all hahahehe. Practically dragged a someone else in desperate need to offload the weighted worries that were constricting my mind. One of those now very dear friends who makes me feel light again. Always. No questions, no judgements, just support and warmth. Sweetheart, you deserve only the good things in life for your beautiful heart.

Now though, back to crazy number of deadlines. All together now. Aaaaargghhhhhhhhh.


may said...

you need a longer holiday back here, girl! and don't forget the murukku the next time. ;)

Kak Teh said...

jane, when i eat those murukus, I will remember this adventure of yours. The trail has not ended yet, not until they get to me!

Blabarella said...

Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Why laaaa must you make me cry??!! I miss you already, you silly girl!!! *BIG HUG*

Well, geographically, I won't be as far after this, eh?? Hehehe

Jane Sunshine said...

May: Tell me about it.

KT: Yes, ma'am. Trail will hopefully be ending next week!

Blabs: Oh, I meant every word my dear.

Maya said...

Jane! ah! the entry you promised...LOL

Now I know how accomplished young women these days look :) You were/are much lovelier than I had expected. Let's not ever underestimate the power of blogging, eh? :)

Jane Sunshine said...

Maya: Oh a meeting of minds! Lovely, lovely time.