Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I can eat roti canai everyday for breakfast. There is something immensely satisfying about a crisp roti canai dunked into piping hot dhall curry. It sits with a flamboyant sheen as it's dished out, almost too grand for the regular blue plastic plate. A golden, velvety square-round roti. Whip bite pieces quickly into the thick dhall curry, enjoy the feel of the roti soaked in generous curry with your fingers and let it slide into the mouth. I seriously think that everything is down to the fact that the fluffy margarine smeared roti is flicked around with such dextrous fun. That's why it cant help but traipse around in flavourful bites when it finally sinks into the mouth.

In the evenings when the weight of the day hangs heavy, I tend to try fancier versions, roti telur, roti bom, roti sardin. They last longer for those after office conversations. There are so many new versions that I often am lost for choice. I don't think I can ever eat all the varieties though. Roti strawberi for example. Fruity jam with my roti seems such an anomaly.

But in the mornings, its canai and nothing else. Canai is never too much or too little. Always just nice. To pep the senses and start the day ahead.

Chanai also features regularly on lazy mid-mornings, when it's a holiday and no-plans-ahead-kind-of-day. It imbues a languid morning with a lovely, indulgent feeling. Perfect for a morning read. Maybe Murakami. Definitely a writer who goes with roti canai. Light and spurious to pique those lazy senses. Or nice, clean writers like Ishiguro or Julian Barnes. Those are my morning books that have the odd canai stain in their midst. Sometimes, with dhall as well.

Last of my memory and food posts for now, inspired by my recent trip to KL.


Anonymous said...

talking about food again! aaarrghhh! the muruku, the char kueh teow... and now roti canai!

I haven't had canai for the longest, longest time. I wonder why I haven't. I need to get some very soon. ohhhh... and roti bom. can't ever get enough of those. especially the crispy, sweet bits with sugar on 'em...

*rumbly in my tummy...*

Sunrayz said...

well, i had to google roti canai. apparently it is also called 'roti chennai'! plus it is made in various parts of india. i know exactly what you mean - it is comfort food alright.
do you get to eat it in malaysian rest.here?

Jane Sunshine said...

May: Yum yeah!

Sunrayz: Sorry about my blogtiquette. I didn't do the links- which has now been corrected. There are a few places you can get decent roti canai esp at the Oriental City Mall. I havent tried it at Mawar or Holiday Villa but may well be worth it considering the other spread.

Cupcake Queen said...

Hi, Jane. Love your food writings. Have linked u up. Can?

Anonymous said...

do u know that u r torturing yr readers esp those living outside of Msia? jiwaku meronta-ronta mau pulang ke tanahair, demi sesuap roti canai...oh.. :)

Mr Hobo said...

sure ka can eat roti canai everyday for breakfast?

Jane Sunshine said...

Cupcake queen: Of course you can. Thank you.

Atn: Jiwaku meronta-ronta?!!! LOL.

Mr.Hobo: Hello. Actually, I was using the term in hyperbole but then again, the last time I was back, I ate roti canai for breakfast everyday. Which sure explains why I am not stepping on the weighing scale in the bathroom. I am afraid its going to explode now.