Friday, May 19, 2006

Meme Me

I got this from May who didn't tag me. So I guess I'm kind of tagging myself because I enjoyed the whole thing:

I AM so tired.

I JUST NOW filled a bureaucratic form.

I SAID good morning to my dotty old neighbour.

I WANT to go on a six month sabbatical but I just can't afford it.

I WISH life was simpler.

I HATE being so far away from my family

I MISS holding my mom.

I FEAR that my brain will evaporate (I am serious) and I'll forget everything before I write this goddamn thesis.

I HEAR the leaves rustling on a windy spring day.

I WONDER how life would have been if I had chosen a different career path.

I REGRET all the times I've lost my temper with my parents.

I AM NOT going to St. Petersburg now because there's just too much work- Ironically, I was supposed to go there for work.

I SING out of tune old Tamil songs in the bathroom.

I CRY because I need to. It helps. Sometimes.

I AM NOT ALWAYS this fat, I used to be thinner pre-Thesis.

I MADE two friends eat sambal ikan bilis last week-and they loved it.

I WRITE with no sense of structure. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I CONFUSE my priorities so often. Sigh.

I NEED to go shopping- summer beckons. I'm so in love with all the Cath Kidston vintage inspired stuff.

I SHOULD get back to work as I am going to watch Da Vinci Code tonight.

I START at a new place after summer, fingers crossed.

I FINISH the thesis and LIFE, which is now on hold, can begin again.


Oh, you can do this if you wish. No tags.


Anonymous said...

did you manage to watch the Da Vinci Code? went shopping? stopped your brain from evaporating?


*HUGS*!! have a great weekend, Jane dear!

Jane Sunshine said...

M's nursing a swollen knee so I've decided to stay at home and be a bum. So far, its been great just languishing in front of the TV though the guilt pangs have emerged now. Back to work tmorow.

Mint Chutney said...

At the end of the day I bet you still have more brain cells than I do.

Hang in there babe.

starlight said...

loved yours and am going to mine as soon as i finish an article that's due tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

ok dearie, since I didn't officially tag you for this one, I've officially TAGGED you for the next! *evil grin*

Jane Sunshine said...

Jo: I laze wayyy to much for my own good so, in between must do work yes or no?

Mint: This is a big myth. Your son will in all probabilty beat me in a math quiz.

Starlight: Welcome back! Yes, will look forward to yours.

May: Well, in a way its good cause I dont seem to have anything to blog about-cue boring life. Will do it in a few days time.

A and A said...

"I AM NOT ALWAYS this fat, I used to be thinner pre-Thesis." I know exactly what you're saying. *gulp*