Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let there be Spaces in Your Togetherness

says Khalil Gibran.

M and I celebrate our 3rd Anniversary today. I can't believe its 3 years already and that we stayed afloat at all. Do I have answers now on surviving a relationship? Hell, no. More questions maybe. Or is it just that we have morphed into couplehood with a strange comfortableness. When M's not around/travelling, I do miss the M shaped hole next to me.

And yes, we have confirmed to the married couple (subtext: boring) stereotype. We sometimes finish each others sentences and find that cloyingly touching. We go home early from dinner parties not because we are going to try position no.32 from kama sutra but because we want to wake up early the next day to buy new tiles for our kitchen/look for a new shoe rack.

We have moved to a 3 bed in a borough with good schools (for the kiddies we don't have yet). Most of our friends are couples and all of us get excited to find that there's a new Marks & Spencer Food in the neighbourhood. I cannot remember the last time we went dancing and drinking and stayed out too late or became too drunk. That to me is kind of sad.

Still, three years is cause for celebration I think. It's not the seven year (itch) yet.


Anonymous said...

the corner of my lips curled upwards on reading this post. congratulations and Happy 3rd Anniversary to the both of you! may you have many, many more loving and enjoyable years to come.

and you're not missing anything on the gettin' drunk bit... much better to laze and cuddle up in bed, yea? ;-)

starlight said...

Congratulations and Happy 3rd Anniversary!! Yes, it's a reason to celebrate. I've just passed my 5th anniversary mark and we're still celebrating. :) That was a very sweet post. And I second May's assurance that you're not missing out on the getting-sloshed-and-stumbling-home half-blind bit. Now THAT'S boring!

Mint Chutney said...

Happy 3rd to you and M!

We just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in April with minimal itching. Also as the oldtimers we can honestly say that position no.32 is SO overrated. ; )

Ewok said...

Dear J and M,
Happy 3rd Anniversary! You make couplehood sounds nice and not too boring afterall, babe :) (considering my view on it)

Anyway, we shall meet next week and have a drink to celebrate this.

30in2005 said...

Happy 3rd Jane & M! Being married is the best thing I think - all those who aren't are missing out. While its lovely to grow into kiddie friendly neighbourhoods and rejoice at M&S foods, a once in a while clubbing-bit drunk night out is lovely. I wrote a post about it in December I think - once in a while dancefloor bugs keep the magic fresh!

Sunrayz said...

Happy Anniversary Jane!! :)
** raises virtual glass of wine to many more**
So, did you go for the musical? If yes, which one??
I second, 30in2005, a stint on the dancefloor is just so much fun- I look around and dance without the effort of wanting to impress anyone/need to flirt etc. It's just dancing!

Jane Sunshine said...

May: Thank you so much for the wishes...laze and cuddle is good but often its more collapsing in bed after a long day.

Starlight: 5th! That sure gives me hope.

Mint: Now, I am suitably enlightened about No 32. Will talk to you when we hit the 7 year mark dear Guru of Love.

Ewok: Sometimes, our couplehood is more about one up-manship re: Wimbeldon anecdote! But a drink with you is something I always look forward to.

30in2005: Agree very much about the dancing bit. If only we find time between work to get a bit crazy...but whether being married is the best thing? Not sure about that part. While I don't yearn to be single, I do envy my single friends who can flip and flop everywhere without any care, take a job anywhere in the world yadayada. And they don't have to put up with a grown man decides to be a total baby when he becomes sick.

Sunrayz: I just came back after a fab time at Phantom of the Opera. Totally, totally enjoyed it-the sets, the songs, the tragedy. Oh, a subaltern sensation..and agree about the partying bit. If only work would cease.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Jane & M. We took the plunge the same day 9 years ago, and the 7th year was a non-event.. :D

Not that many marks&sparks in KL ...overpriced too.. :(
I get excited when I receive stocks of Fairy in various fragrances.. I am that weird.. LOL

Love your title..very whimsical CS Lewis.. :)

sinusoidally said...

Congratulations! I do not know much about being married but all of what you described sounds like lot of fun. :-)

That Girl said...

hello :( came through Mint's blog...felt good to read your post . happy anniversary!
i have now been married for one whole month. lol....

somehow..i would love doing just those things you know...partying etc etc...was alright when i didnt have that i do..its all about him and me...and doing things that are "nest-like"..

its so wonderful to wake up each morning and to know that you beling to that person next to you.

That Girl said...

oops! hahah i meant to type in a :) face....not a :( face!

UglyButAdorable said...

congratulations..happy 3rd anniversary..may both of you be bless with great future ahead..

Anonymous said...

3 years, still in the honeymoon stage. wishing you many many years ahead, with and without itches (after all *langit mana yg tak ditimpa hujan*)

Jane Sunshine said...

Kat: Thanks for the wishes. 9 years! Way to go. Various Fairy fragrance (I am assuming that this is the washing detergent)? LOL.

Sines: Ooo fun is not always on the agenda but then if life was fun all the time, it will probably be boring.

Grafx: Awww...those first few months are always nice. For me though it was more difficult as I was adjusting with another persons habits, etc. But agree very much about the waking up bit.

Atn: Honeymoon? Mana ada? Those hujans do tend to hppen.