Monday, July 24, 2006

The Weekend (in parenthesis)

I seem to be unable to talk without parenthesis (theses?) these days. Maybe it is a subconscious reflection of how life itself meanders, stop- gap like between this interminable PhD. Everything else is a peripheral add-on (why do I keep plodding then? I don't know-I am a self-flagellating freak I suppose).

M and I threw the house open last Saturday for a summer party cum very belated house warming (9 months since we moved in. We are slow like that-we needed to sort the house first. Work and stuff like that caught up and after that, decided that we will wait for better weather. Which seemed worth the wait later because Saturday dawned with a light, refreshing shower. Such a welcome after the oppressive heat these past few days. It got fairly hot and sunny mid-morning but we managed with a few fans and air coolers). From late afternoon onwards, the air was cooler and everyone started streaming into the garden. There was BBQ and all manners of food, thanks mostly to my mom (my parents are on holiday here currently which has generally been lovely. On the days that I am working from home, I have company for breakfast and lunch. And the gastronomic delights that keep emerging from the kitchen. Wowzers).

Some of my favourite people turned up (even though they were choc-a- ful with work-so many thanks for the company). Unfortunately, I don't have any blog friendly photos. The last guests left around half 11 and goodness, were we exhausted. All the peeling, cutting, chopping and stirring the day before and the cleaning earlier suddenly seeped to our limbs (next time we are having a party, I am catering).

The next day, we woke up late, ate left overs and watched a really bad Hindi movie on TV.


UglyButAdorable said... I heard about the BBQ from Madam Choc a Blog herself.. wow i miss those summer bbq's. can't have bbq's here in kl during the day or the sausages will have natural salt drenching on them..

30in2005 said...

The party sounds a delight. I do not think I shall have the energy to do anything so lavish when we move. For one we aren't allowed BBQ's. But if we cheared and had one people would probably start jumping off our tiny balcony and that wouldn't be a good thank you gift now, would it??!!

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if the Hindi movie was bad... as long as the company was good! ;-)

Sunrayz said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Hey Jane- I fianlly read 'Buddha of Suburbia' on your recommendation. Thank you sooooo much for that. I loved it :)

basho said...

How come I was never invited? :)

Kak Teh said...

jane and M - had wonderful time and enjoyed the chicken and the lamb curry - must do it again! and this time - we will find the right house!

Jane Sunshine said...

UbA: Actually, it will be quite nice. I think KLites don't do enough BBQs.

30in2005: Ppl jumping off the balcony. Kinda cool.

May: Yes, splendid company was had.

Sunrayz: Yeah it was good except for the limb-weary bits. Glad you liked Buddha. Its such an important book for the early diplaced British Asian experience.

Basho: Next time I will!

KT: Yes, always good times with the like-minded. Actually, maybe if you went in to the wrong house, it would have made a better story!

Blabarella said...

There's nothing worse than home-cooking for a party at home. I've done it like, once ever since I got married, and I told myself, never again!! The aching limbs, blistered thumbs, cut flesh, spotlessly clean living and dining areas (prior to event) and abominably dirty and destroyed living and dining areas (post event) made me very sure that I'd never ever entertain a crowd of more than 5 adults at any one time - if I was doing all the cooking and cleaning by myself (or with hubby). Caterers are the way to go in future!! But admittedly, the dinner guests always make it worth the while, huh?