Wednesday, August 23, 2006

7 Bloggers Tag

I was tagged by 30in2005 to 'list seven bloggers that I do not know in real life but who I would like to meet and a hypothetical setting that would be ideal to meet them in'.

So, I am listing here bloggers I know only virtually unlike those people whom I've met online and have now become good real-life friends.

1. 30in2005 : Similar wavelength, similar age, similar new house moving madness. Oh, the stories to be exchanged about estate agents, being stuck on a property chain, etc. Regent's park would be a great meeting place.

2. Mint Chutney: She gives me hope that its possible to have it all-marriage, kids and career with a twinkle in the eye, homour in the heart and sarcasm for the soul. The ideal setting would be each others homes.

3. Masalachaii: She's so full of joie de vivre. Plus, there's the connection with academia. We could meet perhaps for chai at current favourite eatery, Saravan Bhavan. With some thosa as well.

4. May: May is just so sweet and funny. We've been planning to meet like forever and she's tops on my list next time I head KL. Of course with a foodie like her, its got to be over food. Maybe char keuh teow but I'll let her choose-this girl knows her food.

5. Starlight : The book connection. Some nice cafe, maybe in Bangsar Village. We could drag Sharon along as well.

6. Lydia Teh: Like, hello-she's a real life celebrity writer and everything. Again, we missed each other the last time. Next time, we must meet. Coffee at Kino will be quite nice.

7. Atenah: She has such a sense of humour about academia and the accompanying stress. Anywhere in Bloomsbury so I can take her around my hang-out place. An little Italian cafe in Russell Square.


Anonymous said...

Jane babes, you are so on my list of bloggers to meet too!! seems like we can't get our timing quite right yet, could we? haha! one day, someday, I'm sure we'll have that char koay teow together... :)

Lydia Teh said...

Jane, LOL! I'm not a celebrity writer - a housewife-writer more like it. Yes, please let me know when you next come to KL. Coffee at Kino sounds lovely.

Jane Sunshine said...

May: That's certainly something to look forward to, eh?

Lydia: Ha ha. Coffee anytime.

basho said...

what. u dont want to meet Basho? :)

Jane Sunshine said...

Basho: I would love to actually! Its just that you always maintained this aura of mystery, so I wasn't sure if you would.

30in2005 said...

Nice nice nice. Maybe we should really meet?!!!

Jane Sunshine said...

30in2005: yes, coffee?

basho said...

An aura of mystery? I had no idea. :-)

starlight said...

Jane, I would love to meet you too. Your blog is still one of the few I make time for in a busy day. Do let me know when you're in KL next. And dragging Bibliobibuli along is a fab idea! Hugs.

bibliobibuli said...

yeah invite me invite me!

this is a nice tag, isn't it!