Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flash Fiction

My friend Starlight sent a challenge via O magazine to : "to tell a story in less than 300 words or less. Something like, as O put it, a novel crossed with a haiku. The result was eight stunning pieces. Like exquisite hor'dourves".

After procratinating for ever so long, here's mine:

By evening, she was in love again. Not quite but mostly yes. Let us meet all over again, she must tell him. The planets would have moved to new astrological signs and may bode better things for their destinies. Surely time will pocket the aching residue of all the bruises? She sat waiting.

He was tired. Striding up her limbs, he groped with clumsy familiarity. The cold beer and tobacco slithered down her spine as the lazy sensitivities of her skin stirred.

In a few hours, she will open the front door for the morning newspaper and start breakfast.
(word count:99)


Kak Teh suggested that the Flash Fiction would make a good meme and I think that its a great idea. You can get a better sample of Flash Fiction at Starlight's blog but remember- no more than 300 words. So all of YOU are tagged.


Anonymous said...

interesting... very interesting indeed! it did feel like reading a haiku, somehow... :)

Kak Teh said...

aaah, i must try this! shall we start a meme with this?

UglyButAdorable said...

is that already 300..geezz..o wonder if i can do that??

Jane Sunshine said...

May: I actually wrote this as a poem many years ago (when I thought that I could write poetry. Now I realize that I can't write anything much). So, I crumbled the words into prose. Your obervation about the piece was really very close. You wanna have a go at Flash Fiction?

Kak Teh: I will be waiting for yours! And have updated with notes about meme.

UbA: Mine is 99 words only (but that's cause I am a lazy ass). You could do wonders with 300. Let me know when yours is up.

starlight said...

very nice and i agree with May, interestingly haiku-like. and i've always loved your writing!

basho said...


30in2005 said...

I'm crap at fiction writing so I will have to pass and leave it to the pro's.

In the meanwhile you have been tagged!

Jane Sunshine said...

Starlight: This was really fun. I am going to try more when I have the time.

Basho: Thanks!

30in2005:You never know till you try! And I've done the tag before.

Sunrayz said...

I will do it but not in the near future...but, am building up a peice :)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...
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J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I thought at first that in trying to stick to the word limit, you'd lost sight of the story. Then I read your comment, that it started out as a poem. It probably works better in that form.