Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm Back

Been dipping in and out of projects, papers and coutries these past few weeks. I've just recovered from exhausting Geneva trip. Lausanne, 40 mins outside Geneva, where the conference was being held was a quaint little town with cobbled paths and winding alleys. With postcard picture perfect snow-capped mountains as well as a shimmering lake.

Only, I didn't get to see any of it, huddled as I was for two days in grey conference building and social events that followed.

European's don't believe in tea and for two days, they served strong espresso. This is catastrophe for a tea drinker like myself and I was nursing a bad headache at the end of the day, from all that coffee. Was I glad to be back in England, land of tea and soggy sarnies.

On the last day, we went to a traditional Swiss chalet and ate cheese fondue, downed with a fair amount of Schnapps. This was quite lovely as it warmed my heart on a freezing cold December evening. Some smart aleck decided we go bar hopping afterwards not realising how exhausted all of us were. By 1:30 am, Doro and I decided to walk back to the hotel as I had an early flight to catch.

(I'm not sure if this qualifies as a post-but it's an update, ensuring you guys that I haven't abandoned the blog. In fact, I am making a resolution to update more frequently in the new year).


Anonymous said...

an update is a post, a post is an update! glad to "see" you, my dear! *hugs*

Geneva... woo, how nice, even if it's for work. I love coffee but the European strong isn't quite my taste either. probably been too spoilt with the watered-down American version ala Starbucks! haha!

Jane Sunshine said...

Oh yeah, I actually ended up in Starbucks one evening as it was the only thing open and had my chai tea latte (although I generally stay away from Starbucks, in this case, I was desparate).

Anonymous said...

I am around, my dear, just NO internet access!! All kinds of maladies re house, internet and other things at the moment, so have been pretty quiet, I know. I do try and steal a read at my favourite blogs now and again (yours included laa) but pardon me if I don't leave any comments kay? I will DEFINITELY reply to your 2 lovely long emails as soon as am able!! Many many hugs, B.

Kak Teh said...

an update for sure and welcome back. the weather has been terrible so u have not missed anything.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Do you really miss soggy sarnies? I can understand tea but soggy sarnies? :))

Jane Sunshine said...

Blabs: Good to know all is well girl. Catch up with you soon.

Kak Teh: One phone call and hug coming up.

Judy: He, he. I am weird.