Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pause Mode and Weird Things

Life has been on pause mode for awhile now. You think it's a mad, crazy race. And then one day it gets on pause mode. Just like that.

But unpause now.

So, I must get around to this 6 weird thing meme that has been plastered on almost every blog. Thank god I got tagged- I dawned on me that what if nobody tags me (although I don't like tags)- does that reflect on my unpopularity in blogworld? Goodness. Almost feels like school again. But some nice people ie Blabs and Demonsinme did tag me and have therefore done my list:

1 The imaginary parallel lives I tend to live sometimes is quite mind boggling. Yesterday for example, I wondered how delectable it would be to live with Nigel Slater. I have a feeling that he is a bit of solitary nut, more in love with plants and his kitchen then people but how joyous would every meal be! It's not only about the taste but about the pure love for food. My recurring parallel-life dream is to be good friends with Zadie Smith, where we sit and have coffee in dinky little cafes while discussing our mutual love for Antonio Gramsci. I know. This one is weird-pathetic.

2 . I have certain food related weirdness. We all know that the grand food love of my love is the humble, hawker fare-char kueh teow. I can eat a plate everyday and never tire of it. I always order the whole she-bag, cockles, prawns and bean sprout or taugeh. Yet, before eating, I would sit and pick out every single strand of taugeh in sight. Only then will I tuck in. The aversion to taugeh started because I had an allergic reaction to it as a child. I think I've worn out of the allergy now but the ritual remains. 'Why not just order sans taugeh?' asks an exasperated M each time. 'But that would mean detracting the taste' I argue back, not very convincingly I think.

3. This one is weird bordering on obsessive compulsive-with minyak cap do I describe it to non-Malaysians? Basically its a eucalyptus oil type of thing which has calming properties-I use it for headaches, tummy aches, backaches and even when there are no aches, I need a dash of eau de Minyak Cap Kapak everyday. What can I say?

4. I have to read every night before sleeping. I know I read a lot of work related stuff the whole day but I absolutely have to read on the bed. However dead exhausted I am. At least for 5 minutes. Otherwise, I feel that I've wasted my day away.

5. A personal hygiene related weirdness is this need to wash hands. I am very particular about the hand wash we use at home and have tested most products in the market to tell you that I don't think any of it meets my stringent requirements. Yes, I probably wash hands more times a day than I care to admit and carry one of those spray on hand cleaning things whenever I travel.

6. Talking about travel, I am always a last minute traveler. I think I am programmed to be unable to pack early so no matter how much time I have, will pack a few hours before leaving. This does mean that I am always rushing to airports and sprinting to boarding gates. The record was 30 minutes before take off once on a Malaysia airline flight to Bangalore. Trust me, I lost all dignity running around like a banshee to get there. And I never learn I think.


gravtkills said...

hell yeah to num 6

starlight said...

i share your number 4.

Jane Sunshine said...

Grvt Kills: Hopeless malady this. Have you done a list? Otherwise I am tagging YOU!!!

Starlight: How have you been? I haven't popped around your blog for ages! Hey, I am tagging you in on this, if you want to do it!

zewt said...

why cant u just ask them not to put taugeh? hmmmm...

GFAD said...

I agree with #2. Without taugeh, it's just not char kueh teow. I used to be like you, pick out every single strand. Until one day, I ordered one sans taugeh. And from that day onwards, I ate my kueh teow as is, taugeh and all. Only thing I don't put in is chilli and egg (sacrilegious I know, without the egg but better than picking out every single strand of egg..) :D

Light Bulb said...

From one minyak cap kapak lover to another, you want me to bring stock over to you in July? ;)

starlight said...

hi jane, been buzzing around busily. very happy to see new posts on your blog. have missed you! and will happily do the meme!

Blabarella said...

Wheee! She's finally updated!! How lovely! I so understand the minyak cap kapak thingy, but mine is with tiger balm! But usually only at night, to lull me to bed. :)

And I've always picked the taugeh out of my char kuey teow too, until I finally started having it sans taugeh. But me being me, I never even realised that the taste was different!

Btw, am leaving for London early tomorrow morning - will be in London till 25th morning, then heading to Dorking for a week, then back in London again on 30th, and returning to Cairo on 2nd April. You think you & KT may have time to catch up during the time we're in London? Will send you an SMS once we're there!!

Jane Sunshine said...

Zewt: Okay, okay, will give this a try.

Ka..t: Somebody as weird as me...isn't that nice? Aye, it is however cardinal sin for omitting the egg.

Lightbulb: Maybe it's the minyak cap kapak thats kept us friends all this years? Might just take up your offer come July.

Starlight: How lovely to be missed by somebody!!! Will look forward to your meme.

Blabs: Hope you have my new number. Otherwise call Ewok -I think KT is still not back...