Monday, April 16, 2007

Thinking Blogger

Kak Teh has given me a Thinking blogger award!!! I am not entirely sure if I deserve such an honour (suddenly I am gripped with thoughts of the quality of this blog. The thinking bit is often nothing more than a repository of rants and random spiel). But I am deeply touched that she thought this blog worthy enough to be mentioned. Hers is a friendship that emerged from blog-world and spilled easily into the real one. We exchanged a few emails and discovered that at that time, we worked in adjacent buildings in the Bloomsbury area. I was a bit apprehensive about the first meeting as I had seen her by-line many times in leading publications, a known no-nonsense, respected journalist. But all was quelled when I found her to be warm, kind, opinionated and fairly mad. And I also discovered in her a master storyteller who kept us mesmerized with anecdotes of her various adventures over the years. This is a friendship that continues to be cultivated over many a curry mee, nasi goreng and nescafe tarik.

So now I must set about tagging five more bloggers. This is a difficult task though a few names popped in my mind immediately. The problem is that I don't know some of these bloggers that I am going to mention- I have just started reading their blogs and haven't left a comment or exchanged any kind of contact. I just hope that they don't think of me as a random weirdo- I genuinely love these blogs and they also leave me with brain fodder.

1. Starlight : Starlight and I have become virtual friends. I always feel a sense of lightness emanating from her entries, how she is always striving to learn from all the life lessons that are thrown to her and the inner contemplativeness to always check herself, her thoughts and views. Of yoga journeys, introspections and always, exhaling.

2. Masalachaii: If there is one thing that strikes me about Ms Chai, its her infectious upbeat, fiery and kick-ass attitude. She is always doing doing something, going somewhere and learning something . Of maximum living and joie de vivre.

3. Amir Muhammad: He doesn't know me but through his blog, which has been a repository of his film work, I read about the trials and tribulations of making Komunis and Kampung, the political brouhaha and the ban on the movie as well as the new one, Apa Khabar Orang Kampung. I love that he never loses his sense of humour in all this and that he remains undefeated, moving on with his next project. Of history, sense of self and a certain up your a***

4. Nursamad: I've just started reading 3540 Jalan Sudin but it is such an addictive blog-opinionated, passionate and honest. The biggest draw are the stories about her father's imprisonment, the emotional journeys and the intersection with the larger political background during that period. Of politics, passion and family.

5. Ms Blabs : We have become firm friends now. What I love about her is her honestly written posts. Through her, I have traveled vicariously to Egypt and shared all the angsty adventures of moving to a new country. Of travels, learning and always, cats.

This award was started here:
And now my dear recipients, your award comes with a price. You have to award five others whose blog you think deserve this award.

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all - blogs that really get you thinking!



dear ms sunshine,

aah...another tag.
when i saw this thinking bloggers award in some of the blogs,i thought to myself, "oh-hoh, another tag..but i know i won't be tagged for this one".

i sort of got the idea that those who'd be tagged would be lit-bloggers, you know. i saw a pattern - and i thought it apt that sharon, zaharah, eliza haberdashery and you as well as several other like-minded bloggers (you know, reviewing books and films and writing poetry, really really t h i n k i n g) got tagged for this one.

when i saw "jane sunshine" commenting in my blog today, i was pleasantly surprised because i do read your blog and your entries, and enjoy it thoroughly.

BUT then, i saw the thinking bloggers tag. A mistake? No...Oh, man! What was this girl thinking, i asked.

Then, I went to your blog and saw your entry on the tag.
Thank you very much for that bit about why you tagged me. I am honoured, and touched that you read my blog and enjoy "Tuesdays..."

Oh dear, now i have to tag five others.

starlight said...

This is an honour, Jane. Really. Thank you very very much. And the feeling is mutual. Now I have to go away and do some thinking. :)

Blabarella said...

Omigoodness. This is MOST unexpected.

I'm not sure whether to feel flattered or downright worried, because all these "thinking bloggers" (you included, of course) are way, way, up there in the blogging sky, while I'm still running around in circles on the ground chasing Tigger or wringing the neck of an Egyptian! How can my blog ever possibly be a thinking one?

But nonetheless, I am tres, tres, flattered, and I'll just use that emotion to grind the 'worry' into the ground, so that I can start working on this!

Thank you sweetie, ...

***BIG HUG***

may said...

awwww, I agree with Kak Teh! you deserve the honour, congratulations on making us think! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your writings. Don't always understand everything (native speakers have a wonderful way of putting things!), but reading your posts makes me feel smart, like I'm learning something new! You are indeed 'splenderful'!! :)

Kak Teh said...

jane, thanks for being such a sport! and now you've got to know my buddy nursamad or ena! she also fairly mad like me, but quite harmless.

I have just recovered from terrible flu and fever - so curry mee must be next on the agenda.

love to u and hugs to m

Jane Sunshine said...

Nuraina: I looove your blog and all the thoughts -you definitely make me think!!! Thank you for all the nice things about my silly blog- which is often rants and raves really.

Starlight: Don't feel compelled to list out another five if you don't want to (or can't). This is just a fun exercise really. The same goes to all my awardees (ha, ha).

Ms Blabs: Of course it makes me think-about living in the Middle East, about following your heart, about never-say--die no matter what. So many things.

May: Aiyah. Sometimes I think too much I am getting a permanaent head damagelah!

Kat: made my day. How sweet. I am not a native speaker but I love words and I love to play around with them. Thank you for being so kind.

Kak Teh: Will call you and we set a date this week. Regards to all at home who must be happy to have mom and wife back!!!

Anonymous said...


I have been reading you for quite sometimes.

And I think you are really good. I stay glued at the monitor until I finished your posting.

You absolutely deserve the award

Good day.

Jane Sunshine said...

Elviza: Hello there and welcome! Such nice words. Thank you for being so kind.

Sunrayz said...

***Runs away as she is embarrased***
**Then she comes back...peeps here and JSunshine a hug...and runs away shouting...'I am a freaking thinking blogger...YAY***
Thanks Jane :)