Thursday, May 31, 2007

Listen to this

I've hijacked this song lyrics from Ms Light Bulb. Lightbulb and I date back to 1996 and really became good friends circa 1998 when she coached the rest of us tone deafs to sing Innuendo's Belaian Jiwa on stage. We also had some really bizzare escapades together where we transported around RM20,000 cash to the bank by cab (don't ask, except that it was all legal), watched one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life together ie Anaconda and ate cold satay in Fraser's Hill.

I love this lyrics by Maliq and d'Essentials (never heard of them before)...but it's just so dense and filled with all the angsty pain that accompanies the heartbreak of unrequited love:

kurasakan sudahada ruang di hatiku yang kau sentuh
dan ketika, ku sadari sudah
tak selalu indah cinta yang ada

mungkin memang,
ku yang harus mengerti
bila ku bukan yang ingin kau miliki
salahkah ku bila
kau lah yang ada di hatiku

adakah ku singgah di hatimu,
mungkinkah kau rindukan adaku
adakah ku sedikit di hatimu
bila kah ku mengganggu harimu,
mungkin kau tak inginkan adaku
akankah ku sedikit di hatimu

bila memang, ku yang harus mengerti
mengapa cintamu tak dapat ku miliki
salahkah ku bilakau lah yang ada di hatiku
kau yang ada, di hatiku

bila cinta kita tak kan tercipta
ku hanya sekedar ingin tuk mengerti
adakah diriku, oh singgah di hatimu
dan bilakah kau tau, kau yang ada, di hatiku
kau yang ada, di hatiku


Light Bulb said...

Don't you just love the lyrics? Painful unrequited love, translated beautifully through song... not to be listened to when actually going thru heartbreak! haha...

BTW, thanks for the trip down memory lane ie Belaian Jiwa and the RM20k to the bank! heheheh... And remember when we miscalculated the $$ and thought we lost RM500 or something at 3 am in the morning!

These are what good memories are made of, aye?! Anyway, see you soon in London k? Am coming soon, to a tube station near you!

Jane Sunshine said...

Lightbulb: See you real soon.

UglyButAdorable said...

oohh..malunyer..i mysef rarely listen to malay songs..maybe it's the dj not the songs...but this is a soothing one...


oh.. this is so emotional.

yikes.... shoot.

Jane Sunshine said...

UbutA: Isn't the song pretty good?

Ena: Tell me about it.

Anonymous said...

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