Friday, July 13, 2007

Where is Summer?

Lack of updates due to mountains of work since coming back from longish break but I think the bigger excuse is plain laziness which hasn't been helped by this horrible weather. What's happened to summer? Summer means languid lunches at the park, shorter skirts, falling asleep in a green field, strawberry's and cream and endless days of bountiful sunshine.

This grey gloom is making feel totally crap and cranky. Few things happening in the next few weeks which are going to keep me even busier, not least the fact that the in-laws aka out-laws are visiting. Part of the reason why I keep this blog anon is simply because I want to be free to bitch and moan. And this I will probably be doing when Dowager Queen of High Drama arrives. Grin and bear Jane.

Otherwise, I am working this weekend to make up for holiday time out. In fact, what holiday? Can't remember it now.

I think I'll write when I am feeling sunnier or if the weather gets better.


GFAD said...

Hi Jane. Read that summer in UK has been really wet. Bummer. Can't help but feel dreary when it rains all the time! Rant away!! :D


hi jane,

and you're back in the UK.

i did not open your blog because i had opened it many times but there was nothing of you. i figured you must have been so so busy and wanted a real blog-free holiday....
so thot i'd leave jane sunshine alone.
only to find your response...
too late to make a date with you.

but still not too late to leave my email :

hope summer gets better...

Jane Sunshine said...

Ka..t: The weather's got slightly better so am feeling fairly better as well!

Ena: Have sent you email.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

hmm unlike u, i kinda like it wet, dark and gloomy...i would be jumping with joy if it pours..

but i really do hope that u wud feel better..u need sunlight for ur hormones to work better.something happens to ur serotonin level when there is no sun i hear.

demonsinme said...

Melady Jane:

No comments, just a gift for you to give to your loved ones.


Neither diamonds nor golden rings,
even crowns of a king,
or the breasts of queen,
shall mend this lonely sting,
if you whom my heart sing,
hid like the moon in morning,
and shy like the sun in the evening,
leaving me forever yearning,
for the kiss from the one I call darling.

Jane Sunshine said...

Nazrah: It's the order of the day currently-blame it on the hormons.

Demondsinme: Thank you.