Wednesday, August 01, 2007


-Truly drowning under all this work. So much to do, so little time.

-Thought of calling for a blog hiatus but I hardly update anyway.

-I have a fox surreptitiously living in my garden at the moment and its driving me crazy. My neighbour has a 1 year old baby and we were wondering if foxes attack babies like dingos? As a result, we both don't open our back doors unless we have to. Sounds pathetic. M thinks the council can do something about it but they don't seem to be too bothered.

-The weather's got better so I can't gripe on that end but I don't have time to go out and enjoy it so that's current source of consternation.

- I have been trying to read Lionel Shriver's We Need to Talk about Kevin before going to bed and its so fascinating. She explores how motherhood is not all that its cracked up to be. She's such a great writer, working on the unreliable narrater technique with eloquence. The only complaint is that I am so tired these days that by the time I get around it, I can only manage a page or two before getting knocked out.

-Have to mention about this dissapointing documentary on Channel 4. I've been following the Empire's Children series on and off. It explores how the British empire has impacted the lives of people in and from the 'colonies'. Malaya, during the communist insurgency was documented with comedian Jenny Eclair tracing her soldier father's steps. Her father was part of the British troops that were sent to combat the insurgency. They had some fantastic footage of the Emergency but why oh why did they get an airhead of a woman to cover such an important and painful part of Malaysian history? I got the impression that here was a hormonal woman striving to hear only what she wanted and as a result, painted a sloppy history.

-I had pasembur about two weeks by chance (laced with some crazy conversation with an even crazier bunch) and am craving for it again. Should do it again soon. Along with some mee rebus. Malaysia Hall anybody?


gravtkills said...

i just had the best pasembur at hameediah campbell street in penang abt 2weeks ago...yummy indeed

gravtkills said...

err and topped up with the famous penang road chendol

demonsinme said...

Melady Jane:

Though this is unrelated to what you wrote, I gift it to you as a gift with a wish, present it to your spouse, significant others, children, brothers and/or sisters. Let them know that you love them much. Their smiles are my reward and prayers for my loved ones.

This place of yours is a mecca for good souls, and this pilgrim is blessed to have encountered it.

Thank you, and forgive me for the trouble.



worry not when it rains,
close your eyes and let go your pains,
and let all tears be slain,
happiness is yours to gain,
brought down by the my midnight saint,
helping this hands that have long been waned,
tugging away your nightmares chains.


hate you not the chilling winds,
let free yourself and feel it caress your chin,
put away all the ale and the gin,
welcome it with a great wide grin,
let not your mind dance in a spin,
for the winds come with a hint,
that haven is colored with my love as the paint.

Kak Teh said...

there's a fox in our garden too but so far our cats are okay. I dont think it attacks babies although known to have attacked cats.

children of the empire? what a disappointment!

pasembur and mee rebus??? we can certainly do that again. In fact i went ot taste them for you several times the last few days!

Jane Sunshine said...

Gravtkills: Pasembur from Penang. How cruel of you to mention. And cendol. I looooveeee cendol.

Demonsime: Thank you.

Kak Teh: Soon, soon as I wade through this mountains of paper, I will be able to make it for mee rebus. Its the only incentive currently.