Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Sprong Sprang Last Spring

Yes, we are pregnant!!! Its been a mad ride so far what with trying to finish work and moving and hundred and one other things happening at the same time. I had a text book first trimester which was nausea and puke-filled. Not the best times.

But all's well now that we are well and truly in the second trimester. My energy has returned and so has my appetite.

I miss my morning coffee so much. Just that one cup of perk me up that used to be the highlight of my morning is now well and truly a memory. I now sneak a cup of tea here and there in the evenings, caffeine police be damned.

Overall, I think pregnancy is one of the most spiritual experiences to have - where your body transforms a couple of cells into a living, breathing human baby-apart from the fact that you soon resemble a beached whale to achieve this.

I am quite keen on this blog not to be morphed into a mommy blog. I don't have anything against mommy bloggers but personaly, it's important for me to have a life/personality beyond being a mom or soon-to-be mom. Plus, I don't think talk about books, travels and travails really sit well with baby buggy purchase and other such ilk.

But for repository of pregancy related tales, here's link



Oh Bollocks, Jane!
absolutely nothing wrong with infusing some mommy-ness in your blog. Sure it sits well. It's how you write it.
You write so well so you can write about mommy-to-be, in your typical candid style.

I'd love to hear how you're coping. You - Jane. Yes, you.
Is it any different from me and mine?

But then, you may not want to read the responses, huh?

whatever, Jane., take care.
very spiritual. very.

Jane Sunshine said...

Ena: Hey, that's why I gave the link to the other blog (at the other end of the post). Just go there for all pregnancy related spiel. And, yes comments are very welcome esp as I need all the support I can now!!!

Kak Teh said...

Hi jane, am back from pareeeee! Had a lovely time an wished you were there so that we could walk and talk abt nothing in particular. But am happy that I can now scream to the world that Jane is all sunshine and preggy! Been keeping this secret for too long. Yes, so what is it that you want to tell me when I was in Paris?

may said...

oh, so happy for you, Jane! that's really good news, congratulations! a Winter baby? :-)

Jane Sunshine said...

KT: Good that you're back. Awful weather though. Well the pregnancy was not so much as a secret, more that M and I were very cautious about it in the first trimester. Will call you.

May: Thank you sweetheart. Yes, we are due end January.

Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity... why "sprong"?

Blabarella said...

Yahoo, finally!! See??? I told you the 2nd trimester would be perky!! So frustrated we couldn't prolong our telecon the other night. I owe you an email reply, yes I do. Will get working on that today. Just got back to Cairo late Tues night.

Me too, I try to keep the preggie stuff to a minimal on my blog, but often you can't help but slip some stuff in! ;)

Be ready for a long, fat email from moi!


Jane Sunshine said...

Anon: Hmm...just to have an ad interim name for baby instead of calling 'it'. Plus, baby happened over spring, so sprong sprang in spring! Alliterative madness, I know.

Saz: I'm SO excited that our kids can be playmates! Don't worry about the email-settle in first okay.

Lydia Teh said...

Congratulations, Jane! Very excited for you. Take care.

Jane Sunshine said...

Thank you so much for the good wishes Lydia.