Friday, November 16, 2007

63 boxes later...

....we are settled.

Sort of. Moving continents while being pregnant is not the best of ideas but things have been such. Finally, we have a semblance of a home. (most) Things are out of boxes and in some kind of organized place.

How have I been surviving Kuala Lumpur? With lots of air conditioning, that's how (at 7 months, my concerns for the environment take a back seat unfortunately).

Big, big sigh. I won't go into details with regards to all the super-stress this move entailed but for a variety of reasons, it had to happen. M's been a troopper in this process, bearing the full brunt of all my pregnancy winges and whines. We found a place not that close to Raju the Banana Leaf man but not that far either (taking into consideration leasehold properties vs convinience).

I am officially unemployed for now. Well, I still have a thesis to submit so that's work in a sense. I have found this state very marginalizing but that's a post for another day.

It was really tough saying goodbye. Sometimes, late at night, I think of Ammerton Drive, our cute little house, my garden, my sun dappled spot at the dining table where most of my thesis was worked on. I miss driving down to Borough market for fresh veg and fruit. Tate. Bundling down to the British museum to just unwind when work got to me. Feeing the ducks at Epping forest. Food fests at Holiday Villa (at regular table) with scrumptious company to boot. The second hand bookshops at Charing Cross Road. Coffee at Holborn high. Saturday Guardian. Autumn walks.

I miss. I miss.


may said...

you're back in KL?! shows how much I've missed in the last few months too! I know what you mean, I would miss Sydney as well, despite loving it in KL...

Blabarella said...

Hmm, i dunno if i share the same sentiments for Egypt, but i guess in some respects, i do.. more importantly, it's good to hear that you've settled in fine and doing rather well, i should add. I've got about 3 weeks to go, and am not in the most uplifted of states at the moment. Although i am pretty excited about this next phase of life that we'll both be going through!! Take care of yourself, and eat well. Watch the Raju's (and Kana's!) xox

GFAD said...

Jane, Jane.. you're back in KL! And in your condition too!! Plenty of rest now, y'hear?

Aww.. just think of all the unlimited nasi lemak, thosai, roti canai, char kuey teow, fishball mee, satay, assam laksa, curry mee, banana leaf rice, putu mayam, apom, ayam masak merah, pan mee, chee cheong fun, tau foo fah, etc, etc, etc, you are going to have!! Splenderful food indeed!!

starlight said...

jane, you're in kl? that means there's a possibility of us bumping into each other and never knowing it! :)

welcome home. and you will miss the familiar for a while. it's natural. but it will pass and then you'll start painting new life stories.

good to have you back on the blog again. have missed you. hugs.

sinusoidally said...

Hello Jane Sunshine, congratulations on your pregnancy! Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet? :-)


hi jane,

woww.... it's been so long.
and you're back in Malaysia.

Now.... email me please...(ok..i'll email you!)

Take care!

Bookwormz said...

I came back from uk 3 months ago after living there for 4 wonderful years. Adapting to the life here has been an agonising one, seriously! Wish the best of everything for you as you welcome the new bundle of joy into this part of the world!

Anonymous said...

May: Yea, back for now. How are you girl?

Blabs: Waiting to hear about your bubba.

Ka..t: Arrghhh..yes, its been so,so stressful and took such a long time to settle in. Even now, everyday there's something to be sorted with regards to the house. About Msian food-yea, its a consolation for going through all this but I cant have much with all this indigestion that I am having.

Starlight: Why must we bump into each other unknowingly? I would love to have a cuppa with you. Will email.

Sines: Thanks for dropping by-havent seen you for a while. How's married life?...About the baby, well, we'll just have to wait and see!!!

Ena: Yes, guilty as charged. Will email soon. Its just that apart from the house etc, I am also finishing up the thesis and its been incredibly tough getting my head around it.

Rani: Hello there. Yes, KL/Msia takes time to get back into and I dont know how I am going to manage. The only advantage is that I have house help. My maid arrives today...but wait, that means that I have to train her, watch over her etc. Arrrghhhhhhhh.

30in2005 said...

And London misses you! Holiday with baby in tow next year and maybe we should finally meet?

starlight said...

that would be lovely! yes, please email and we'll set a date.