Thursday, January 10, 2008


I turned 32 a few days ago. Too many candles on the cake if you ask me. Made me wistful as well - next birthday, I will be a full fledged mom....don't know if I am ready or even cut out for it but I will just have to learn on the job I suppose.

I am at the stage where everyone keeps calling and asking whether I've had the baby or not. Well, the doctor thinks at least not for another week . I'll let Sprong decide when, really.

Don't really want to go into details about current physical discomforts but its really miserable being this big. I've gone into nesting mode as well- clearing the house from top to bottom, filing away all bills, notes, etc.


may said...

Happy Birthday, my dear! if the baby is due in a week's time, that'd be so cool... you two can have double birthday celebrations each year, since it's so close together :)

have a safe and sound delivery!

starlight said...

Happy Birthday Jane!!! To think you've been back for some time now and we still have yet to meet! But your phone number is tucked safely in my mobile's memory so i will call you...perhaps once you've delivered and are ready to come out and plan again. many many hugs.

Jane Sunshine said...

May: Thank you so much darling. Yeah, looks like baby and me are both January babies!

Starlight: Thank you and yes, must, must meet up!

30in2005 said...

many many happy returns! Exciting year ahead to say the very least. Have a wonderful one Jane sunshine!

Light Bulb said...

mail me babe :)

gravtkills said...

happy belated birthday and congrats in advance for the oncoming big day!

Mint Chutney said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine!!

And congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Sunshine said...

nqfm30in2005: Thank you. Have a good 2008!

Lightbulb: Auntie Lightbulb's visit is awaited.

GravtKills: Thank you so much for all the good wishes.

Mint: Wow, you've resurfaced! Thank you, thank you.