Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blogging Again

So yes, blogging mojo has been regained. I really want to maintain momentum this time because blogging is kind of one of those 'me' things that I enjoy doing but has been one of those casualties of motherhood and a busy career combination- which also includes movies, reading with abandon, TV, rambling walks/runs, coffee with friends, holidays and any other remotely social undertaking.

This time around, I am quite determined to balance me time and mommy time, though it's proving to be trying with a toddler and a baby.

But I'll try.



1. So, yes baby No.2 Wispy was born on 25th Feb. A Tiger baby to my Golden Pig Sprong.
2. In 09, I moved to another job but it has come with its own set of frustrations. Hmmm...
3. In a way I am glad to be on maternity break, I need some time to re-think where I am heading now.
4. M's been pretty busy with work and with my schedule and the kid(s), I sometimes hardly see him. We seriously need to resolve this.
5. Our 7th wedding anniversary is in June and I want to do something nice but not sure what.
6. I turned 34 in January. 40 creeping closer and my personal strategic plan nowhere activated as yet.
7. Don't think a holiday is going to happen soon ie in the next year although I am dying for one. Just the thought of dragging a toddler and a baby anywhere is tiring-the last one we had was aeons ago to South of France last summer.
8. I miss Croftie, Ira, Maur, Steve, Rajesh (and Delio) so so much - I dont seem to have friends like that in Msia. Or maybe I have no time to cultivate friendship now.

Okay, Wispy is fussing.


kat said...

Wow Jane, 2 kids now! Congrats. :) Busier than ever, I see and dare I say, more fulfilling? :) But really, don't ever put aside your me time as the ones to suffer would be the family. Been there, done that..

Jane Sunshine said...

KAT!!! I can't believe that I still have a single reader - thanks for the wishes and advise. The problem is really finding the time with work, kids and everything else but yes, I am now quite detrmined to do this!