Monday, July 05, 2010

A Loss

My aunt passed away last week. A tumour had eaten into her voice box and a heart vessel ruptured during the surgery. My mother collapsed when she collected the butchered body of her sister.

I wasn't particularly close to this Aunt but found that I was affected nevertheless- I had grown up always knowing her so felt some semblance of grief. The thing that struck me was as a family, we needed to cling together in facing our loss.

The communal grieving process was a coping mechanism for us and the Hindu ceremonies that ensued provided some kind of organized system to the inner chaos that we all felt. These were the necessary processes that have helped us manage.


may said...

so sorry for your loss, jane sunshine darling. may she rest in peace. hope you and your family are coping well.

Jane Sunshine said...

May: My dear, dear May. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

How are you my dear? I have missed you and the whole blogging vibe but life is just so mad now, I have lost my blogging mojo. Take care.