Friday, February 10, 2012

Wispy Boo Does Sentences and Spong's Vocab

So around CNY holidays this year, that's 20-25 Feb, Wispy has seriously started speaking better. I can heave relief because I was quite worried about his lack of clarity.

One evening, as they climbed up the dining table to rummage on some of my noodles and I offered to feed him, Wispy said 'I do it myself'.

M and I stopped in our tracks. 'What did you?'

He gave us his wicked smile 'I do it myself' he said it again.

Ha ha. Since then, he wants to do everything himself, climb up the car seat, brush his teeth, comb his hair, climb down the stairs.

Wispy Boo, almost 2.


Sprong's ability to drive me up the wall increases but his intellectual abilities astound even the teachers.  A typical boy, his writing is atrocious but before his 4th birthday, Sprong has been able to spell

dinosaur (DINOSAUR!)
and any other animal

And of course, he can read his peter and jane and most of the sight words: here, there, now, is, are

At 3.4, he was doing bat, cat, hat, bus, car,

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