Monday, June 03, 2013

Years ago

Years ago, when they lived near Wanstead, there was a huge overgrown garden that framed the backyard of the ground floor flat. A lone apple tree stood at the corner, burnished in ripening fruit over the summer. They fell steadily and she watched the daily spoils. After sometime, it became mucky and gross.

There was a big window that framed the garden, looking out to the East. Every morning, a warm sun glowed over them, brimming with joy.


Stephanie said...

Jane! I just re-visited my old blog, clicked on your blog link and you're still here! It's lovely to read you again and I gather you've made KL/PJ your home base now? Coffee one of these days if you're keen and still remember me?

Stephanie (Starlight)

Jane Sunshine said...

Starlight! How nice to hear from you again. Yes, pretty much in PJ.

How do I get in touch? Can you email me: