Wednesday, May 31, 2006

10 Simple Pleasures

The lovely May tagged me on this. And here it is finally: 10 little things that make Jane Sunshine happy:

1.Morning breakfast sitting in my garden and chatting with my roses (the reds, the pinks and the blossoming orange ones).

2. A long soak in the bath after a hard day.

3. Rambling evening walks.

4. Sovereignty of my kitchen. I never had my own proper kitchen ever. The one at home was always mom's and I never ventured there much the culinary way. The ones subsequent were rented and I always felt alien in them. Now, finally, I have my own with chrome spot lights and a breakfast bar. Yippeyay.

5. All the Neal's Yards product range : makes a girl feel so pampered and organic

6. Mindless TV: latest addiction is my Thursday night staple of House and Grey's Anatomy (have I mentioned my crush on Dr. Gregory House? There's something about arrogant, difficult men. On another note: it does seem a bit sad to list TV programs as things that make me happy-but they do. After a long day, nothing like bumming in front of the telly, I tell you. If it makes me shallow and stale, so be it).

7. Saturday Guardian and Sunday Times.

8. Fruit cake especially those laced with inordinate amounts of brandy (hic) and ice cream (if my friend ewok is reading this, I hope she knows how I adore the Losely honey and ginger tub).

9. Bargain hunting in markets, last done here.

10. Picnics (much to be had this coming summer, to show off especially new picnic basket. Pix when this happens, promise).


Anonymous said...

mindless TV and HOUSE!! oh yes, arrogant difficult men. he's just so attractive being that.

and I think I'm taking over mom's kitchen... well, the oven, anyway. she still rules over the stove. *grin*!

Jane Sunshine said...

Hey, you watch House too? I just enjoy it so much. And about the baking-I think your family is so lucky to be the guinea pigs of all your yummilicies baking expeditions.

starlight said...

I love House!!! And this is another tag I may not be able to resist! :)

Lydia Teh said...

Jane, count me in as stale and shallow too. Desperate Housewives and CSI are great chiller-outs.

Jane Sunshine said...

Starlight: Yeay! Another House fan. And yes, do the meme babe. Will look forward to it.

Lydia: Ha ha. Let me put it this way: we are deep women who can have meanigful conversations about climate change as well as what Warrick says in CSR. I think that speaks very well of us actually. Tee hee.

Blabarella said...

Oh no!! There I was thinking wot da hell was I feeling when the one and only episode of House I watched some time ago got me really intrigued with the horribly crabby man with the limp (I don't even know if he has a perpetual limp on the prog or if it was just for a few episodes!). So we really shouldn't complain about our husbands now, should we? Huahahaha!!

Blabarella said...

And I should add that I've been looking for House on the 1000+ channels ever since I got to Cairo. THus far: zilch. :p