Friday, May 16, 2008

Blessed (again and again and again)

Last Tuesday, I sat for a while at a pub in Holborn, gathering my thoughts. I watched the shuffling crowd, entangled in the after office rush. A few minutes ago, I had stood on the grey pavement with a giddiness that made me want to slump. I felt emptied out, knackered beyond belief.

When the panel congratulated me, it didn't quite sink in. It still hasn't I think. What is a culmination of a lifetime's work seemed to have pirouetted into this one singular moment. So, I can now sign off as Dr. Sunshine.

Afterwards, surrounded by some of the loveliest of friends who came together to celebrate, I had to ask what is it that I had done to receive such benevolence.

To the universe for conspiring to bring such goodness in one fabulous year. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Anonymous said...

just a lurker who stumbled on your blog. congrats on the PhD! Happy days.

starlight said...

CONGRATULATIONS dearest Jane! Am so pleased and proud of you. No small feat there, missy!

Jane Sunshine said...

Tempinis: Many thanks, happy days indeed.

Starlight: Awww....thank I said, it hasn't sunk in yet, what more when I am mired in baby poo and vomit all the time!

Anonymous said...

you were in holborn? and you didn't tell me? not fair :(
but-congratulations dr.jane sunshine! hurrah!