Friday, May 16, 2008


The thing about Mother's Day that irks me is this outpouring of luurrvvvee. How all mothers are so fabulous and all-sacrificing goddesses.

Don't get me wrong. '08 marks the first year ever that I can demand some kind of celebration and gloat at my own greatness with regards to raising my own little pet, oh sorry, kid (in any event, nothing much happened cause I have a husband who forgets this kinda things unless nudged. And since motherhood has happened, I have no energy to nag anymore, much to his benefit).

But still, to treat mothers as a homogenised entity seems incredibly naïve. I am sure that there are those filmi mothers who sacrifice life and limb for their babes but what about the regular ones, who are imperfect, lazy, selfish and infect various complexes on their children. Do they get celebrated as well?

I have more thoughts on this but (yawn) later. I had a long day entertaining one very active baby.


30in2005 said...

In my mum's words everyday of a mother's life is a day of celebration and that doing it on only one day is cheating!! So here in 30 land we often call our mum to tell her we love her!

BTW, congrats on the Doctor-hood!

And you are in London? For how long? Any chance of meeting?

Jane Sunshine said...

Hi 30in2005! I so agree with your mom-must inculcate this with my son.

Alas, I was in London for a mere 4 days (insane trip really) just for the viva. So, there was very little on the social side but December will see us back along with baby. Will definitely send you email then, and we must most surely meet!

gravtkills said...

err happy people-have-given-birth-day?

Anonymous said...

Jane! have not been here in yonks, congrats, congrats, congrats, Dr Sunshine. Can you believe it, now on certain gloomy days i find my self on the other side of the desk torturing phd-hopefuls, ha ha, so teruk i am now


Jane Sunshine said...

Atenah: Many thanks. Hey, you've finished? Excellent!

Maybe we should do a joint blog post about the tortures of a PhD for all intending to do one!

Jane Sunshine said...

Gravtkills: hey I am not against Mother's Day , just the hypocrasy surrounding it.