Friday, February 20, 2009

highly recommended

After a whole year, I managed to watch a whole movie at ONE go ie no interruptions for feeds/sleep/play-with-me-now-mommy screams....and I managed to catch Slumdog Millionaire on DVD. Can't recommend it enough. How did a British director get into the psyche of the sprawling Mumbai slums. Dharavi pulsates.

Now, I need to go get Vikas Swarup's book Q&A from which the movie was based to see how it was translated into film.

Highly recommended. Frieda Pinto is a vision.


starlight said...

I read Swarup's book one day before watching the movie. At first I was groaning over the vast differences but after a while, I was too sucked into the story to bother. Read Simon Beaufoy's interview the Guardian, Jane. You'll see the movie in a new light and will have a deeper appreication for Beaufoy's craft.

And yes, Pinto is a vision!

Chet said...

I was told the book is very different from the movie. I bought and read it after watching the movie.

Yes, they are very different but both stand on its own. I like them both. Usually, I would dislike the movie version, but this one, I like both, and don't think of them as related.

Hope you are well, Jane. Read about your coming surgery. Look forward to new posts from you soon. Take care.