Thursday, March 12, 2009

1st Birthday Celebrations

Here are the pictures, albeit belated. It was a relative - only event ie uncles, aunties, cousins, second cousins, the whole lot amounted to nearly 50 in dribs and drabs.

The celebrant had the honour of being photographed by photographer extradordinaire, Unc Helmi. We so love the shots. Thank you to Mrs Helmi aka Lana and Haiqal for turning up as well.


Maya said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Sarvesh!!!!!

Things are happening and as usual have been terribly busy. Why can't life slow down a couple of notches?

J, waiting to be invited to your place to see Sarvesh. How are you coping? Haven't got any SOS so things must be under control :)

Jane Sunshine said...

Hahaha, yes, you have been getting one two many mid-night sos from me!!! You've been so lovely, listening to my rants and sharing some wisdom as well as common sense.

You have been invited many times over and know that you don't need an invite-just pop around when you feel like it. Sarvesh loves having people fuss over him!