Saturday, March 27, 2010


Managing a toddler and a baby has been much harder than I ever imagined particularly because toddler has been throwing numerous horrific tantrums including rolling on the floor when not getting what he wants. I am at wits end, having tried everyting except for whaking (M and I agreed that we are not going to raise them like that no matter what). You know, love begets love and all that.

I am however seriously reconsidering this because 2 year old doesnt seem to have registered any of my admonishments.

The other thing that is worrying me is that he is just not that into sharing -his toys, etc. I know that this is normal but how do I inculcate a sharing habit. This evening, at the playground, he refused to let go of the swing when another boy wanted to have a go.


Anonymous said...

wait till when they grow into a teenager.youll have your hands full.good luck! wawa

Awang Goneng said...

Hi Jane,

Good to see you chronicling again. You are two good people, your child(ren) will grow up OK, no worries.

How time flows, flies fly, and dandelion flowers are now back in the tousled mess where grass grows. All the best to you both.

Light Bulb said...


Read your last few entries after not "visiting" for a few months. Glad you're blogging again :)

Sprong and Wispy are seriously cute - you're gonna have a handful when they discover girls (or when girls discover them!) haha

I shall visit more often :)

Jane Sunshine said...

Wawa: Yeah, it never ends does it!

AG: Yes, am trying to keep at chronicling this time. Hope you had a good birthday!

Lightbulb: We must meet up soon my dear!