Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So lately....feeling a bit like Gaundamani with a flower

1. So, I felt fairly bimboish at this corridor of power meeting. Bah. But my question is if these powerful men claim to be the know all,why aren't they doing what they should have? WHY wait for so long.

2. En..o, my baby company, needs a lot more tending, loving and sunhine sent.

3. At the same time, I don't want to drive it in directions beyond my capacity. I think I am going to take it one day at a time, if I bite more than I can chew, my beloved children will bear the brunt of my foolishness.

4. I need to energize with Wispy and Sprong. This weekend, I want to snuggle up to them, seep some of their goodness and not do much at all.

5. It's going to be year end and I need to mend some relationships. Scathing words have made emotional wounds, scars that are licked in quiet corners of the mind. Not my proudest moments but I am human. I will open my heart and give my hands, ask for new beginnings as the new year beckons. Beyond that, I will let go.

6. I miss reading for pleasure, reading poetry. I need to dig out some Keats this weekend and read aloud with Sprong to enjoy the cadence of beauty.

7. An appointment was made and I am pretty chuffed. It's a real honour.

8. K's impact in my life is so profound. I think we both connect at a girly hahaha level but also at a much more intellectual level. She will also be a business partner which I am looking forward to because she has the right balance of common sense and work. I really adore her as an adult friend. Meaning she's not from childhood or college but has forged this amazing bond in my heart.

9. I need to plan December holidays soon. Where to go.

10. If I pray real hard, do you think God will hear me and make everything come true and I can take it super easy for 3 months starting January and just be what I want to be in my heart: MOM. And nothing else. And be with my beloved Sprong and Wispy all day and night.

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