Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Break

Going away for a bit.

See you guys in July.


starlight said...

have a wonderful time sweetie! and return with a suitcase of fabulous stories. hugs!!!

may said...

have a fantastic break, my dear! are you going back to KL? wish I was there to finally meet you... *sigh*

but I believe one day we shall! one day... :)

safe journey to you!

UglyButAdorable said...

have fun!!!

Blabarella said...

Take care of yourself now, will wait for you to buzz me when you get back. Go fix that skype!

demonsinme said...

Melady Jane:

A gift for you.

Forgive me if this is too long, it is the only way I know to show repect and awe to thoughts of a friend in this intangible plane.

Seeing Blind

I am new here,
I came from a land of the bewildered,
I have no friends nor lover.

Would you come closer to this tired traveler,
so that I can see you a little bit clearer,
please do not have no fear,
as I am a paralized blind from ear to ear,
a gift i got from me deeds in the coming years,
as a sentinel for devilish deers.

Now, now, do not be wary,
as a blind could never see,
there fore I could never pinch your little tootsy,
like what the demonic diety did to me,
so there is nothing for you to worry.

What is that you said in me hands you see?
that makes you head go weepity wee,
ahh, no, no, don't you go awry,
I'll tell you of the things I brought with me,
so you'll see a what a blind man sees.

A wand in my left and and a torch in me right hand,
is much appropriate for a blinded man,
one for shining the routes to thid land,
the other for telling an enemy from a friend.

A straight line crossed with a cresent on my neck,
a sign of me religous pack,
an order of sinning saints,
who seeks the pleasures of pain,
in hope one day I will again,
be a saintly sinner who preaches out pious blasmephemies,
making me an enemy pf the blasphemous piety.

As for this coarse velvet that I wore,
I know it is an eye spre,
but it is a precious gift from me lady whore,
who reminds me we are whoring ladies,
who love to be barbaric gentlemen,
and kill gentlemen barbaricly.

Worry not child,
as i am blind as a blind could be,
and all I know is the darkness that in it you be,
it is the light that helps me see.



Have a great holiday.
And if you're in KL/PJ, and have nothing better to do, do get in touch!

wll be more than pleased to see u!

Have fun!

Ewok said...

have a good holiday!

gravtkills said...

have a good one!

zewt said...

so nice... i wish i can go away too!

enjoy your hols!

Kak Teh said...

jane, come back, come back!!!! and yes, go and see my pal ena and hug her for me.

gravtkills said...

its JULY!

Jane Sunshine said...

Hi everybody, thanks for all the nice wishes.

GravtKills: I know, an update is in order!

Ena: Can I please have your email address?